The Alchemist Summary with Free PDF

the Alchemist summary with free pdf

The Alchemist summary with free pdf


The Alchemist summary with free pdf
The Alchemist summary with free pdf

The Alchemist Summary

Santiago, a young and daring Andalusian shepherd, is plagued by repeated dreams. Every time he sleeps beneath a sycamore tree that has emerged from a church’s remains, he experiences the same dream. In the dream, a young child instructs him to go for wealth among the Egyptian pyramids. To his amazement, the gypsy woman who Santiago consults to interpret the dream advises him to travel to Egypt.

A strange, mystical old man named Melchizedek, who claims to be the King of Salem, supports the gypsy’s advise and tells Santiago that to journey towards the pyramids is his Personal Legend. Santiago is persuaded by Melchizedek to sell his sheep and travel to Tangier. Santiago is robbed by a criminal as soon as he gets in Tangier, forcing him to seek employment with a local crystal trader.

The cautious and gentle businessman teaches Santiago numerous things, while Santiago urges the merchant to take chances with his business. Santiago’s chances pay off, as he becomes wealthy in less than a year.

Santiago resolves to cash in his earnings to pursue his Personal Legend: finding riches at the pyramids. He joins a caravan traveling the Sahara desert on its way to Egypt, where he meets an Englishman learning to become an alchemist. During the voyage, he learns a lot from the Englishman.

For example, he discovers that the knowledge of alchemy is engraved on a stone known as the Emerald Tablet. The Master Work is alchemy’s pinnacle achievement, consisting of a solid called the Philosophers’ Stone that can change lead into gold and a liquid called the Elixir of Life that can cure all illnesses. Santiago discovers that the Englishman is accompanying the caravan to the Saharan oasis of Al-Fayoum, where a strong, 200-year-old alchemist dwells. The Englishman intends to inquire about the alchemist’s trade secrets.

It turns out that to avoid the increasingly brutal tribal battles raging in the desert, the caravan must make a lengthy stay in Al-Fayoum. Santiago meets Fatima, who lives at the oasis, and falls in love with her. During a stroll in the desert, Santiago notices an omen that foreshadows an attack on the previously neutral oasis. He alerts the tribe chieftains of the impending onslaught, and as a consequence, Al-Fayoum successfully defends itself.

When the alchemist learns about Santiago’s vision, he invites him on a trip into the desert, where he teaches Santiago the value of following his heart and seeking his Personal Legend. He persuades Santiago to abandon Fatima and the caravan in order to complete his trek to the pyramids, and he offers to join Santiago on the next stage of his journey. The alchemist shares a lot of his knowledge about the Soul of the World with Santiago as they go farther across the desert.

They are only a few days away from the pyramids when they are apprehended by an Arab tribe. In return for his and Santiago’s lives, the alchemist gives the tribe all of Santiago’s money and informs the troops that Santiago is a strong alchemist who would transform into wind in three days.

Santiago is worried since he has no clue how to turn into the wind, and he spends the next three days contemplating the desert. On the third day, he speaks with the wind and the sun, pleading for them to help him produce a massive sandstorm. He prays to the Hand That Wrote Everything, and then vanishes in the midst of the storm. He reappears on the opposite side of the camp, and the tribesmen, astounded by the intensity of the storm and Santiago’s abilities, let him and the alchemist walk free.

The alchemist travels with Santiago to an Egyptian sanctuary many hours away from the pyramids. There, he shows Santiago how to transform lead into gold using the Philosopher’s Stone. He sends Santiago out with gold. Santiago begins digging for wealth at the foot of the pyramids, but is attacked and beaten by two guys. When Santiago tells them about his vision, they figure out he must be poor and let him live. Before departing, one of the guys attempts to demonstrate the futility of dreams by telling Santiago about his own. It’s about a treasure buried in an abandoned chapel in Spain beside a sycamore tree.

The church is the same one where Santiago had his first dream, and he now knows where his treasure is. He travels to Spain to discover a chest of diamonds and wealth concealed beneath the tree and prepares to take it to Al-Fayoum to reconnect with Fatima, who awaits him.

Personal Opinion of the book

As one of the Worlds finest Bestsellers book, it certainly holds its ground. The story narration is superb and certain plot twists definitely makes the story more captivating. So if you ask me, its certainly worth any penny and dime that you bought it for.

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